El Cajon Reverse Mortgage Lenders

el cajonWelcome to the El Cajon Reverse Mortgage program!  Our CA reverse mortgage originator team has been helping owners get the most out of their home for over 15 years.  My name is Brandon Webb and I appreciate you visiting our website!

When deciding to begin the reverse mortgage process make sure you’ve read our Frequently Asked Questions page as well as our Tips Section (on the right) as they can be helpful in knowing what’s right for you.

Also – you should know that there are no income qualifications or required monthly mortgage payments. The proceeds are tax-free and best of all, you retain title to your home.

Just some potential advantages after completing a Reverse Mortgage:

  • Dream Vacations
  • Pay off some immediate bills such as mortgage, car or credit cards
  • Have the financial freedom to enjoy retirement
  • Home Improvements

A reverse mortgage can be a great tool to help you obtain financial security.  They are called your golden years for a reason. There have been recent changes to the product and there are more to come in the new year so call today to get educated by one of our experienced loan officers and see how these changes may affect you.

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Did you know:

El Cajon, the Spanish words for “the big box”, was first recorded on September 10, 1821, as an alternative name for sitio rancho Santa Mónica, describing the “boxed in” nature of the valley in which it sat.