USA Reverse Mortgage Client Testimonials

  • “I was rather worried about getting a reverse mortgage for my mom and was very thorough in my approach in doing my homework in order to know how to choose the right company. So I did a point by point comparison of three leading reverse mortgage providers.  I contacted different Reverse Mortgage specialists and quickly realized that from the start Brandon stood out head and shoulders above the others.  Not only was he able to IMMEDIATELY explain to me all the steps involved in the process (and what to expect) — but he was very good at explaining the ‘ big picture ‘in terms that I could understand. Most importantly, Brandon was able to instill upon me a feeling of trust and security which I needed in order to proceed.  This was not an easy thing to do given my previous experience with less effective brokers. I appreciated the fact that Brandon did not pressure me to go with his company at all. Yet he quickly put me at ease as he believes in his product – which was clearly the best.  Seeing that this is the most important decision that I have had to make — to secure the best quality of life for my elderly mother  — I did not take this matter lightly.  Brandon answered ALL of my questions and totally put me at ease.  He also assured me that if I need him for any reason in the future, at any time, he is but a text away! I can not recommend him more highly!”
    Steve B.

  • “My wife and I (both retired) found that we could not stay in our home, although we had a very large equity position in it.  A friend sent us to Brandon, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The process of securing a reverse mortgage in our situation proved to be very difficult, and only through the diligence and perseverance which Brandon showed were we able to finally obtain one.  I definitely feel that if it were not for the professionalism and helpfulness of Brandon, we would probably not have been able to stay in our home.”
    David C
  • “Brandon Webb did a great job for me.  I had started my loan with another lending company but my agent left the company and the company was closing down his division. My agent told me Brandon could help me with my loan. Brandon got what information he could from the other company so I had a minimal amount of paperwork and documentation to redo.  He kept me imformed evey step of the way.  In a short time we were able to close my new loan.  If the market continues to get better I will use Brandon again.  Brandon has my recommendation.  I worked in the Real Estate business for may years. Brandon made this an easy transaction.”
    Marty A
  • Everything was done on time as promised. Brandon is a consummate professional and super knowledgeable.
  • I was worried about the process but Brandon and his team were perfect. He calmed me down and I still call him just to say hello or to discuss anything I need assistance with.
  • I was facing foreclosure and was able to keep my home and close within 30 days. It was so nice to get the bank off my back and to know I would never have to make another mortgage payment.
  • “Brandon was great! He worked with my Husband and I to make sure everything went very smoothly and that we understood each step. I can’t recommend getting this loan any higher! Thanks Brandon!
  • My husband and I got our reverse mortgage a few years ago (2009) and were very pleased from start to finish. After my husband passed away I called Brandon with questions dealing with the logistics of the reverse mortgage. Brandon was super responsive and helpful.  It was so nice to know that he is always available to me.
  • After my son left I was not able to take care of myself and was made a ward and was placed in a state run facility. It was the lowest point in my life.  My social worker called and got me in contact with Brandon Webb who explained that a reverse could get me back in my home and allow me to afford in home care. Three weeks later my loan was closed and I was in my own home again with a woman to look after me. Words cannot describe how grateful I am.
  • “After seeing an ad for reverse mortgages I decided to look online for myself. After reading the many positive reviews about Brandon, I contacted him.  He was able to help pay off my current loan and set up a reverse mortgage adjustable rate reverse mortgage. Not only do I not have to make payments on the adjustable rate reverse mortgage but also I only get charged interest for what I spend and not the entire credit line. Much better than a traditional HELOC. The loan also has a lower rate and rate cap than the bank offered on a traditional line of credit.